Goodbye to stem cells, now parts of the human body are printed in 3D !!

Well, maybe the title is a bit excessive.  I got excited about the stem cells.  And I put it at the beginning of the post, before my medical friends (or Michael J. Fox) are sent with everything to comment that this is crazy.  At least for the moment.


Preamble on the side, it is a fact that they are running printing prostheses experimentally with 3D printing technology, and not to mention the impressions of blood vessels.  But now we have gone a step further in that same line: cartilages.


This could be the first step for later impressions of more complex tissues, which leaves a trail of flavor to the film Transcendence (have not they seen it?  And that’s how medicine came back to join technology.


Institute for Medical Research team has developed a 3D printing technique that allows them to produce cartilage to repair damaged tracheae.  Using an external platform of a 3D printer (more specifically a MakerBot Replicator 2X Experimental), these doctors create a filament structure of any 3D printer.  This casing is covered with healthy cartilage cells, a small “baked” in a bioreactor and voila.


This is still a proof of concept, and the researchers estimate that it could take around 5 years until the technique is sufficiently developed to scale to larger applications in the health field.  It will touch wait.



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